List of Desires for 2014


  • Sing more often and with others
  • Learn a song on the guitar
  • Go to grad school and study to become a teacher
  • Create a home that is safe, sound, warm, inviting (with pictures and photos I love, flowers, candles, rugs, lamps, comfortable beds and chairs)
  • Host dinners with friends
  • Travel! San Diego, Chicago, the farm
  • Buy and ride a bike
  • Join a gym and work out daily
  • Write five new poems
  • Start a meditation or stretching practice before going to sleep & getting out of bed
  • Adopt an animal
  • Start a budget with You Need A Budget
  • Save for moving and grad school/pay off student loans
  • Volunteer with an education-focused organization
  • More time for reading or creating (writing, painting, singing, playing instruments), less time with the TV!

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